Break the Silence offers direct support towards the vulnerable who through domestic abuse or other conditions such as  illness, disability, poverty or behavioural problems have found themselves vulnerable. We develop ongoing bespoke care plans for each of our clients. After suffering such a life changing experience, such as domestic abuse individuals become isolated and live on the edges of mainstream society. The vulnerable person initiative aims to encourage inclusion within society, integration into local groups and at the same time independence by developing and promoting social connections and relationships to improve there individual circumstances as well as their children's. Friendship's and relationship's are such an important and overlooked aspect of the quality of life experienced by our clients. This in return will help strengthen communities. 

It is not easy to plan for the long term in these uncertain times, and things are likely to be very hard for communities and families. This is why Break the Silence offers individuals a creative and flexible care plan, solely at the discretion of their support workers and Break the Silence peers. We will provide supplies, help and advice on local grants that are available to them, shopping and collection services and well as accompanying them to appointments and/or services.  Our consultations, verbal feedback and survey's remain at the centre of our thinking and we adapt our services in response to the ongoing and changing circumstances. 

Often victims have been isolated and mentally drained leaving them unable to seek support whereby they are the most marginalised and overlooked members of the community, they will have limited or no access to resources and opportunities. Break the Silence are very well positioned to deliver positive change because of the in depth knowledge of the community, our volunteers are our community and we can be highly responsive to any needs, providing a bespoke, individualised response to the clients and there families. We work alongside other volunteer organisations as well as professional services and encourage our clients when they are able, to contribute within our communities by offering opportunities for connection and friendships.  

This program is not limited to age and offers help and positive change to both adults and Children who find themselves disadvantaged due to abuse.