Please consider a Subscription to Break the Silence

£5 or £10 a month will help our efforts within the community to relive the needs of women, men and families in Wakefield District and the Yorkshire region who have experienced or are experiencing any form of domestic abuse.

We help the victims of Domestic Abuse, primarily woman and children using a policy of continued support and where possible there is no signposting to other services which we can handle ourselves, when signposting has been warranted necessary BTS will remain in contact and our support services will still be available above and beyond other activities. We offer many different services including psychosocial reform, intervention, legal services plus continuing aftercare and relocation services. BTS's main objective is to allow an individual to go about their daily life free from the threat or fear of psychological, emotional or physical harm from others. This includes doing whatever we see fit and best to support individuals or there families in there time of need. BTS was founded by Joanna Hinchcliffe around two and a half years ago, herself a survivor of Domestic Abuse and run by like minded volunteers and survivers.
Helping and supporting victims and survivers of Domestic Violence has never been so important as now.